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With WordQuest you can learn foreign languages even faster. You can learn on any device, anywhere, any time you want.

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For Scholars

Together with WordQuest you can learn even more effective! You learn by playing games, competing against others and playing together with classmates. Or you can just learn word-by-word, old-school.

For Schools

With WordQuest schools can keep track of student progress even better. Schools can get insights in when students learn and for how lang, how students learn and more! They get insight in the achievements of students and can set different classes.

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For Parents Soon!

As a parent/guardian, you want to stay on top of your child's progress in school, and be notified of problems ahead of time. Nowadays, students need to learn more languages then ever, which can be hard. With WordQuest, you can see how your child is doing and what can be done to improve grades.

For Publishers Beta

As a publisher, you want to make sure students get most out of your books. Together with us, you can publish books on our platform to make it easier for students to learn from your methods. These lists are marked as "Official List", which gets attention from students, parents and teachers and keeps students from typing the same list over and over again.

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